Benefits of food supplements: the complete guide!

Let’s start by remembering the basics of food supplements. In 2006 the European Parliament developed a definition of food supplements. Regulatory point of view, these are “foodstuffs intended to supplement the normal food.

In other words, a food supplement completes the diet by supplying elements that the body may need to be well nourished, guarantee its correct functioning or stimulate certain mechanisms. It can be, for example, a source of essential vitamins or minerals for the human body. Remember that the body has many nutritional needs that must be met on a daily basis. If the nutritional intake is insufficient, a deficiency can occur which can lead to serious complications. Here a food supplement becomes indispensable to fill the deficit!

How to choose a food supplement?
If the choice was limited a few years ago, today there are numerous brands of food supplements. However, they are not all equivalent. Multiple differences between two products can be observed. How to choose the right product? How to recognize a quality food supplement? Composition, dosage of active ingredients, formats, benefits … all these parameters must be taken into consideration to allow you to find the best food supplement suitable for your needs. The following paragraphs will give you more details.

What are the benefits of food supplements?
Taking supplements can have many benefits. Without being exhaustive, the list below provides an overview of the benefits of food supplements. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the SuperSmart online catalog. It brings together several hundred products and new articles are added every month.

Nutritional supplements to fill deficiencies
These dietary supplements complement the diet to avoid or compensate for a nutritional deficit. Still too often underdiagnosed, the shortcomings concern many people who are often not aware of them. Symptoms may differ depending on the nutrient (s) involved. Tiredness, irritability, pain and skin problems are all symptoms that may suggest a lack or lack of nutrients.